1.  The rental client should provide property coverage for no less than the total “replacement cost” of all     the equipment to be rented and subrented through RIFUGIO INC.

2.  The “replacement cost” of the equipment to be rented from RIFUGIO INC. is listed on all “Quotes” received from RIFUGIO INC., or will be given to the client on request.  This figure is an estimate based on current market replacement prices available and should not be considered to limit in any way the actual “replacement cost” figure.

3.  RIFUGIO INC. must receive a current Insurance Certificate from the client which lists RIFUGIO INC. as both; (a) “additionally insured” (with regard to liability insurance) and (b) “loss payee” with regard to our interests in the property coverage

4.  The Insurance Certificate must show the total amount of coverage and must also show the deductible amount for the policy.

5.  If there is no deductible then that fact must be stipulated by the carrier on the certificate.

6.  The insurance certificate must stipulate that the rented equipment is being covered for “replacement cost”.

*** Policies that do not cover the equipment for “replacement cost” are not acceptable. ***

7.  The rental client is responsible for covering the entire cost of the deductible if damage incurred is         within the insurer’s deductible limit.  Rental Clients may be asked for a check deposit covering the deductible cost prior to rental.  The check will be returned or destroyed 5 days after the rental check-in.

Here is the information for the Renter’s Insurance Company:

                                            Certificate Holder:

                                            RIFUGIO INC.

                                            183 Falmouth Street

                                            Portland, Maine 04102



We are included as Loss Payee, Additional Insured and indicate “Replacement Cost”.