How do I rent from Rifugio?

Insurance Requirements for RentersInsuranceInfo.html
  1. 1)Call or write so we can talk about your project. 

  2. 2)We’ll send you a quote for approval.

  3. 3)Before the shoot, our driver will pick up a rental truck, load it, and meet you on set.

  4. 4)After the wrap, our driver takes it all away.  Simple!  

Do I need insurance to rent from Rifugio? 

Is there a printable list of your gear?

Who is Rifugio?

Rifugio was founded by DP Zach Zamboni.  He and fellow DP Erik Shirai wanted a G&E package specialized for shooting in the city.  It had to be highly portable, highly organized, and have the all tools for high end interviews, docs, or small features.  The result is Rifugio.

Terms and Conditions for RentersRentalTerms.html
Rental Checklist and Printable PDFRentalList.html